Babar is Confident to Do Well Against Kiwis

Pakistan team captain Babar Azam (Babar Azam) said he has no pressure and he has enough confidence to play against New Zealand. You may also like Moeen Ali Says He is Desperately Waiting to Visit Pakistan.

Babar, who is the national leader in these three formats, said at a press conference at the Gaddafi Stadium on Friday: I am in their long-term plan. They have told me to play freely and do not need to bear any resultant pressure, which will definitely help me to play my best ability against any given opponent. “

Babar is Confident to Do Well Against Kiwis

The captain said: “No opponent will easily relax, but if we have a head-to-head comparison with New Zealand, our team is also very good. Their team is very good, but we also did a good job. We performed well in the game against England recently. , Lost one series and attracted another series. Our batsmen played well there, like bowling.

“We have Nassim and Shaheen. They played well in England, and Azar Ali played well there. So, for us New Zealanders, the most important thing is to have a good combination and Support our players to give them confidence so that they can win and play a key role for the team.”

Babar said he was struggling in the test, but former Pakistan coach Mickey Arthur did support him and gave him confidence, which later achieved results. “Look at my example. I was struggling with testing, but got the support of team management. Here, I want to mention Mickey Arthur, who really supported me. He said that we were right about (Barbar) The more support, the better he will play and he will get better, so after one year I have improved.

“From the moment I started playing for Pakistan, I have been putting pressure on me until after the series against the West Indies, I have more confidence. You always have to face new challenges, and Now I have another test captain. I will try and enjoy it, and apply what I learned in the form of a white ball to Tests.” He added.
The all-around captain said that although he will negotiate with the team’s senior players and former captain, the final decision will be made by him. “I have learned a lot from Azhar Ali and Sarfaraz Ahmed. I will consult with them and seek their opinions, but in the end, the final decision will be mine.”

Babar denied any myths about grouping with the team, saying that the players formed “a unit” and were truly happy for each other’s success. “All players respect each other. When other players perform well, they will feel very happy. We are a team that plays for Pakistan and fights for the country’s glory. We are all united as a Pakistan team.”

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