Bank Manager Shot Dead by Security Guard in Khushab

Malik Imran Hanif, bank manager of the National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), was shot twice by security guards in Quaidabad tehsil in Khusab.
The bank manager was transferred to a service hospital in Lahore, but succumbed because the security guard arrested by the police after the incident was injured.

Bank Manager Shot Dead by Security Guard in Khushab

According to the details, the security guard identified as Ahmad Nawaz told the police that he shot and killed Malik Imran Hanif with blasphemy. The security guards claimed that the manager of the deceased “insulted the Prophet”.
Tariq Wilayat, the police chief of the Kusab District, said that the matter is under investigation, but he doubts whether the bank manager was shot for blasphemy.

According to the police, the murder may have been caused by personal hatred, as Malik Imran Hanif and Ahmed Nawaz have been verbally debating for the past few days.It is worth mentioning that the security guard was fired a while ago, but was later re-employed when the above-mentioned dispute occurred between him and the bank manager of the Hubb NBP branch.

The police said that after the family of the deceased filed an appropriate complaint, the matter will be registered with the First Intelligence Report (FIR). Although, this matter is under investigation.Video footage of the incident showed that after he killed the bank manager, the security guards were welcomed by many supporters. The mob (including leaders of religious groups) put forward the following slogans:

In front of people who insult the prophet, We can accept death in the service of the prophet,

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