California Fire More Than 100,000 People Forced to Flee from homes

More than 12,000 firefighters are fighting to contain the California fire, which forced more than 100,000 people to flee their homes in California. You may also like Pakistan Will Adopt Indian Currency Indian Media Fake News.

The fire killed six people. At least 43 people were injured, including firefighters. Hundreds of houses were burned down, and thousands of houses were in danger.

More than 12,000 boring lightning flashes triggered 560 fires, some of which are the largest in history. The fire destroyed a total of 915,000 acres of land.Among hundreds of fires, at least 22 fires are said to have plunged the area into ashes and smoldering ruins.

California Fire More Than 100,000 People Forced to Flee from homes
Thousands of firefighters are working hard to contain the fire, but there are too many fires and insufficient resources to protect and prevent more houses from being burned. Some firefighters are shifting around the clock.Christine McMorrow, spokesperson for resource management at the California Fire Department (Cal Fire), said one of the reasons for the lack of resources was the decrease in the number of prisoners released during the Covid-19 pandemic. Prisoner firefighters are an integral part of firefighting work, and their early release reduced them by 600 firefighters.
Almost all firefighting resources were used to extinguish this devastating wildfire, and firefighters and aircraft from 10 states began to arrive in California.In 560 wildfires, the forests and rural areas of the wine country and the San Francisco Bay Area destroyed three fires. Many fires are small and remote.

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