Chances to Close the Schools in Punjab Due to Covid 19

According to the provincial Minister of Education Murad Raas, Punjab’s decision to close schools will only be based on the data provided on the coronavirus situation when absolutely necessary. You may also like IBA Karachi Establishes 3 Schools.

Chances to Close the Schools in Punjab Due to Covid 19

Chances to Close the Schools in Punjab Due to Covid 19

The Minister of Education said in a tweet that despite pressure from both sides, he would not let this decision be the final decision to close Punjab schools.He further emphasized that the lives of students and teachers are the top priority, but the school will only be closed if data on the coronavirus situation is provided to him to support this decision.


Chances to Close the Schools in Punjab Due to Covid 19

Let me tell everyone that a decision will be made based on the data provided to me. “The Minister of Education said in a tweet. Life is the most important thing. There is zero pressure on both sides. A wise decision must be made.”

“I don’t approve of winter vacation. Six months later, the school has just reopened.” The Minister of Education told SAMAA News.

He said that he will give his opinion at a meeting with the National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) on Monday (November 23, 2020). However, if it is decided to close schools in Punjab, there will be no summer vacation next year to make up for the loss of education.According to the Minister of Education, if the school closes and conducts online courses, and all other content remains the same, the school will stop learning.

He also asked parents to keep their children at home if they did not send them to school. The minister said: “(For God’s sake, Khuda ka wasta, if you don’t send your children to school, please don’t take them to the northern area or shopping malls.”

“Schools are most concerned about the COVID-19 SOP and everyone wants them to close. I will ask NCOC to ban children from entering all entertainment venues.” The Minister of Education further pointed out.

Similarly, the Ministry of Education of Sindh Province held a meeting on Saturday and decided not to conduct winter vacation and suspension of classes. The provincial education minister stated that instead of strictly closing educational institutions, standard operating procedures (SOP) should not be strictly implemented to control the spread of coronavirus among children.

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