CM Gives Approval for Recruitment in Punjab Police

Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar (Sardar Usman Buzdar) has approved the recruitment of 10,300 police officers at the Punjab Police Station and 378 police officers at Baloch Livies. All recruitment will be based on merit. The Chief Minister said that these recruitments are being carried out to ensure that the security situation is improved. You may also like CM Launches Rs 2 Billion Bahimat Bazurg Programme.

He said that all possible measures will be taken to maintain law and order in the province. He said that the enlistment of Baluchi Levis will improve the security situation in Rajanpur and D.G. tribal areas. Khan, contrary to past traditions, the government follows a policy of providing resources to the police by identifying the needs of the police.

CM Gives Approval for Recruitment in Punjab PoliceCM Gives Approval for Recruitment in Punjab Police

MPA Ch Ashraf Ali Ansari and Ch Muhammad Yunis Ansari visited Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar at the Chief Minister’s Office on Saturday and expressed their full trust in his leadership. The deceitful statements made by the opposition were strongly condemned at the meeting.
Usman Buzdar said that respect for Pakistan’s institutions is a must for everyone. He said: “We stand with state institutions and will continue to stand next to them.” He said that PDM is a coalition of rejected members who are not loyal to the country. Their only agenda is to create chaos and turmoil.

He said that the rulers of the previous regime gave slogans to the people. Those who fill the treasury by plundering and looting cannot deceive the people. Pakistan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf is a popular political force in the country, and Prime Minister Imran Khan is the voice of 22 million Pakistanis. He said that members of the Punjab parliament will receive the respect they deserve. Gujranwala will become a stronghold of PTI.

Gujranwala is launching new projects to improve education and health facilities. Gujranwala’s problem will be resolved first. Ashraf Ansari and Yunis Ansari said that they have full confidence in the leadership and policies of the Chief Minister and pledged to support him fully.

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