Revised Pay Scales 2001 Federal Notification

Pay Scales for the Govt Employees were revised on 01-12-2001 vide Finance Division Regulation Wing Notification No. F.1 (5) Imp/2001 dated 4th September 2001. These pay scales were a huge shock for many employees as there were many benefits the employees already availing, were discontinued, although the salaries of the employees increased on a large scale. These pay scales were revised after a long period of about half & seven years. Before Revised Pay Scales 2001, pay scales were revised in 1994.

Federal Notification of Revised Pay Scales 2001

Pay Scales 2001


notification 2001

notification 2001

revised payscales 2001




Discontinuation of Allowances in Revised Pay Scales 2001

Cost of living Allowance @ 7% was ceased as well as Adhoc Relief Allowance @ 300/- Pm & 100/- PM.

Special Relief Allowance @ 20% & 25% of the initial of the scales 1994 was frozen.

Selection Grade & Move Over

The scheme of Selection Grade & Move Over was discontinued. Thus the employees who were in higher scales by virtue of Move Over were pulled back into their original scales.

Advance Increments

The scheme of Advance Increments on having higher qualifications was discontinued. In this way, the employees who got higher qualifications than the required education for the same post suffered a financial loss after 01-12-2001 and they still waiting for the restoration of the scheme of Advance Increments.

Conveyance Allowance

The rates of CA were increased at the following rates:

 S.No  Existing Revised
(i) Govt servants drawing in BPS-16 (Gazetted) and above and maintaining motor car not registered for commercial purpose Rs. 355/- BPS-16 (Gazetted) & above Rs. 620/- PM
(ii) Govt servants drawing pay of Rs. 3240/- PM and above other than those at (i) above Rs. 193/- PM BPS-11 & above Rs. 340/- PM
(iii) Govt servants drawing pay of Rs. 1600/- PM and above but less than 3240/- PM and maintaining motorcycle/scooter above Rs. 130/- PM BPS-01 to 10 maintaining motorcycle/scooter Rs. 230/- PM
(iv) Others Rs. 96/- PM BPS-01 to 10 Rs. 170/- PM


Revised pay Scales 2005 Federal Notification





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