Google Photos will Charge Fee for Unlimited Storage from 1st June 2021

Google Photos will Charge Fee for Storage from June 2021.Google Photos will no longer provide free unlimited storage space and set a new upper limit of 15gb, after which users will start charging based on their subscription. You may also like How to Factory Reset Windows 10.

Google Photos will Charge Fee for Storage from June 2021

This step by the company will be implemented as part of its Google Drive policy changes and will affect other services such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Graphs and Tables,” which will also begin to count towards these new storage limits .

In addition, Google said that according to its new policy, account data that has been inactive for at least two years will be deleted. Considering that if someone does not access their data for two years, this is not a big problem. This is likely to mean they There is no need for it anymore.

However, the new restrictions on Google Photos and other services will not affect files uploaded before June 1, 2020, so you can take the time to decide your next course of action, which is to purchase additional storage space or migrate to a new cloud service.

Google Photos will Charge Fee for Storage from June 2021

It should be noted that while Google automatically compresses photos and videos to save space, it has already taken into account the “original quality” photos and videos, but they still maintain “high quality”, which is similar to the compression performed on platforms such as Facebook. There is no difference.

However, Pixel users will not be affected by the new Google Photos restrictions. Even after June 1, 2020, they can store “high-quality” images, but they will still be downgraded from the current unlimited “original quality” cloud storage.

The company said that compared with other competitors, it still offers far more storage space than its competitors. If you compare the 15GB provided by Google Photos with the 5GB provided by Apple’s iCloud service, that’s true. According to Google, 15GB of storage space is enough to satisfy 80% of its users.

Google said that once users start to reach the storage limit and increase the storage limit, it will issue alerts and warnings. The company has introduced some new storage management tools in Google Photos to make it easier to browse and delete content they no longer need. For example, old screenshots or blurry pictures.

The reason for this change may be to prompt people to sign up for Google One Storage, which also provides a higher level of free Android-specific VPN, and the price of the service is not too expensive when considering the startup package.
According to Google, an incredible number of photos and videos have been uploaded to Google Photos, and the termination of the free “unlimited storage space” is to ensure that the service remains sustainable.

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