Attendance of Staff on Monday and Thursday

The Government of the Ministry of Higher Education of Punjab Province has issued a notice on Monday and Thursday (50%) attendance of HED Punjab Province on January 12, 2020. Details as follow:

HED Punjab : Attendance of Staff on Monday and Thursday (50%)

Staff attendance rate on Monday and Thursday (50%)

No. SO (Admin) Misc./2020. Following the notice issued by this department on November 25, 2020, all public and private universities, colleges, degree-granting institutions and w.e.f. are now strictly complying with 26.11.2020 to 24.14.2020:

  1. Universities must strictly abide by the HEC Policy Guidance Note 8 regarding online teaching, study, and examination dates of November 26, 2020.
  2. 50% of official/teaching staff will attend university on Monday, while the remaining 50% of members will attend class on Thursday.
  3. The principals concerned will ensure that 50% of the staff are hired alternately on Monday and Thursday.
  4. All activities in the college shall be supervised by the DPI (College) of Punjab.

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