How to Factory Reset Windows 10

In most cases, if users encounter certain problems or even sell their systems, they will reinstall Windows 10, but reinstalling Windows is not always necessary and can sometimes be troublesome because users may have to download new Copy Windows and make a bootable drive for installation. You may also like Spotify Coming to Pakistan Very Soon.

However, another option available to users is to restore Windows to factory settings. This factory reset is similar to resetting the phone to its factory state.

If the PC is running Windows 10, this reset will usually restore the system to its first boot state during a fresh installation of Windows.

How to factory Reset Windows 10

How to factory reset Windows 10

You only need to perform a few simple steps to restore a PC running Windows 10 to factory settings.

Click to start
Click Settings
Click Update and Security
Select the recovery option on the side
You will be taken to the following screen
Now, all you need to do is click “Get Started”.

Now the reset process will be start by recovery wizard. You will see two options to reset your PC.
The first option will delete all data , including apps, but it will not delete your personal data, such as documents, music or photos.

How to factory Reset Windows 10

The second option is the safest option, if you want to give away or sell the PC, because it will clean up all information including personal data and prepare to sell or give away the PC.

Once the option of your choice is selected, the process will start accordingly and will take a few minutes to complete. Sometimes it looks like it’s stuck, but don’t panic, just let it run.
How to reset Windows 10 if you cannot log in to Windows
In the case that your PC is locked or cannot reach the desktop but the lock screen is displayed, you can still reset the PC. The reset will be the same as above, but only slightly different to start the process.

After entering the lock screen, you need to tap the power button on the screen. Now, you need to click Restart while holding down the Shift key. The PC will now boot into the advanced startup tool.

However, if your PC is completely unable to load Windows, you can still access the advanced startup tools by re-powering the system. To do this, you need to turn on the system and hold down the power button to shut it down before it fully boots up. After completing this operation three times, the system will automatically boot into the advanced startup tool.

Now, all you need to do is to enter the “Troubleshooting” option and perform a reset to perform one of the two available resets mentioned above.

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