IBA Karachi Establishes 3 Schools

Karachi School of Business Administration (IBA) announced the establishment of three schools, namely the School of Business (SBS), the School of Economics and Social Sciences (SESS) and the School of Mathematics and Computer Science (SMCS). You may also like UK Scholarship Program For Pakistan Get Details.

These schools will be effective from January 1, 2021. IBA Karachi Executive Director Dr. I Sakbar Zaidi announced the names of the interim deans earlier yesterday. These interim deans will replace FCS’s Deputy Dean Dr. Sayeed Ghani and FBA’s Deputy Dean Huma Baqai. Their current term ends on December 31, 2020. .

Associate Professor Wajid H. Rizvi, Dr. Shakeel A. Khoja and Dr. Asma Hyder were appointed as interim deans of SBS, SMCS and SESS, respectively.

IBA Karachi Establishes 3 Schools

The Accounting and Legal Department, Marketing Department, Finance Department and Management Department will be under SBS. SESS will house the Department of Economics and Social Sciences, while the Department of Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences will form SMCS.

The school is established in accordance with international standards and best practices to check the diversity of courses, courses and student groups. Dr. Zaidi pointed out this progress at IBA. He emphasized: “This is an important progress that we hope to conceive of IBA in the next few years with focus, increased output (providing courses and courses) and a competitive environment.”

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