NCOC Ban Restaurant Dine-in and Public Gatherings

The National Command and Operations Center (NCOC) recommended closing restaurant dining services, banning public gatherings. NCOC adopting a series of new restrictions to curb the country’s growing number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. You may also like NCOC Recommends Early Extended School Winter Vacations.

NCOC Recommendations

Based on detailed information, NCOC recommends limiting various public gatherings (including politics, religion, culture, entertainment and civil society in nature) to a maximum of 500 people.

NCOC Ban Restaurant Dine-in and Public Gatherings

In addition, the human body also proposed to close indoor dining in restaurants, while allowing outdoor dining and takeaway until 10 pm to control the spread of the coronavirus.
These recommendations were made after the NCOC meeting chaired by Federal Minister of Planning and Development Asad Umar (Asad Umar) about the country’s surge in coronavirus cases.
Some other NCOC recommendations include immediate closure of the shrine’s temporary closure rights, while also noticing the decline in the mosque’s compliance with standard operating procedures (SOP).

In addition, NCOC also recommends that movie theaters and theaters across the country be closed immediately, and the market should be closed as soon as possible within designated safe days to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Minister Asad Umar, Asad Umar, urged: “National political leaders in the entire political arena need to show leadership skills and send a message to the entire country to take preventive measures and comply with SOPs.”
Limit indoor weddings
It is worth mentioning that the government has banned indoor weddings in some major cities from November 20, while allowing outdoor weddings that can accommodate 1,000 guests.

Although the government allows indoor weddings in some cities, it can accommodate up to 300 guests, while outdoor weddings can only accommodate 500 guests.

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