Pay-Scales 2016 Punjab Notification

Pay-Scales 2016 Punjab Notification

Pay-Scales 2016 Punjab Notification Pay-Scales 2016 Punjab Notification Pay-Scales 2016 Punjab Notification


Scales 2016

Pay-Scales 2016 Punjab Notification

All Administrative Secretaries to Government of the Punjab.
The Principal Secretary to Governor, Punjab, Lahore.
The Principal Secretary to Chief Minister, Punjab, Lahore.
The Military Secretary to Governor, Punjab, Lahore.
The Secretary, Punjab Provincial Assembly, Lahore.
The Secretary, Punjab Public Service Commission, Lahore.
All Heads of Attached Departments in the Punjab.
All Commissioners in the Punjab.
All District Coordination Officers in the Punjab.
All District & Sessions Judges in the Punjab.
The Chief Pilot, VIP Flight, Lahore.
The Registrar, Lahore High Court, Lahore.
The Provincial Director, Local Fund Audit, Punjab, Lahore.
The Chief Inspector of Treasuries & Accounts, Lahore.


I am directed to state that the Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to sanction Revision of Basic Pay Scales & Allowances with effect from 1st July 2016 for the Civil Servants of the Punjab Government as detailed in the succeeding paragraphs:

Revision of Basic Pay Scales:
The Basic Pay Scales – 2016 shall replace the Basic Pay Scales – 2015 with the effect from 01.07.201’6 as contained in the Annexure to this Notification.

3. Fixation of Pay of the Existing Employees:

i) The basic pay of an employee who was in service on 30.06.2016 shall be fixed in the Basic Pay Scales – 2016 on point to point basis, i.e .. at the stage corresponding to that occupied by him/her above the minimum of Basic Pay
Scales – 2015.

ii) In case of Personal Pay being drawn by an employee as part of his/her basic pay beyond the maximum of his/her pay scale on 30.06.2016, he/she shall continue to draw such pay in the Basic Pay Scales – 2016 at the revised rates.

4. Fixation of Pay on Promotion:
In cases of promotion from a lower to higher posts/scale before the introduction of these scales, the pay of the employees concerned in the revised pay scale may be fixed and so enhanced that it would not be less than the pay that would have been admissible to him if his promotion to the higher post/scale had taken place after the introduction of these scales.

5. Annual Increment:

Annual increment shall continue to be admissible, subject to the existing conditions, on the 1st of December each year. However, the first annual increment of existing employees in Basic Pay Scales – 2016, in which their pay is fixed as of 01.07.2016 shall accrue on the 1st of December, 2016

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