Revised Qualification Allowance TEVTA Punjab


Revised Qualification Allowance TEVTA Punjabrevised-qualification-allowance-TEVTA

Terms & Conditions:

Revised Qualification Allowance TEVTA
1. The Qualification Allowance would also be awarded to the Ph.D., M.Phil Degree holders of Social Sciences I Management Sciences as mentioned in FPSC classification of Subjects I Disciplines dated 01.01.2014 to remove the existing anomaly I discrimination between different academic disciplines.

2. The staff up to BS/PS-16 holding Ph.D. I M.Phil degrees shall continue to be governed under Notification No. TEVTA/M-HR/Allowance/2019-20 dated 21.02.2020.

3. The current disbursement of allowance to Grade-17 and above having Ph.D. & M.Phil degrees in Social Sciences I Management vide notification No.TEVTA/M­HR/Allowance/2019-20 dated 21.02.2020 shall be discontinued; whereas the serving and all future incumbents of BS/PS-17 & above shall now be paid according to the respective slabs with immediate effect (28-01-2022).

Director (Technical I Ops-I) will act as Technical Expert for Qualification Allowance pertaining to (Natural Sciences I Graduate Engineers); Director (HR-I) will act as Technical Experts for (Social Sciences I Management Sciences) and Addi. Director General (Finance) will act as Technical Expert for Finance I Accounting Qualifications.
They will vet the eligibility of the applicants and submit their recommendations to Director General (HR), TEVTA for approval after completing all coda/ formalities. The Director-General (HR), TEVTA will be the competent authority to approve the aforementioned Qualification Allowance.

The Finance Wing of TEVTA will make payments through PLA I scheduled Banks Chairperson, TEVTA after issuance of sanction orders.

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